Guinness Six Nations Fixtures 2025

six nations fixtures 2025

The Guinness Six Nations fixtures 2025 comprise 15 games across 5 rounds. The tournament begins in France where the French side will take on Wales on January 31st, 2025. This will be the 25th iteration of the Six Nations round-robin tournament format. Here is a full list of the Guinness Six Nations fixtures for 2024:

Round 1 Six Nations Fixtures 2025

31/01/20252015FranceWalesStade de FranceNo Tickets
01/02/20251415ScotlandItalyMurrayfieldBuy Tickets
01/02/20251645IrelandEnglandAviva StadiumNo Tickets

Round 2 Six Nations Fixtures 2024

08/02/20251415ItalyWalesStadio OlimpicoBuy Tickets
08/02/20251645EnglandFranceTwickenhamBuy Tickets
09/02/20251500ScotlandIrelandMurrayfieldBuy Tickets

Round 3 Six Nations Fixtures 2025

22/02/20251415WalesIrelandPrincipality StadiumBuy Tickets
22/02/20251645EnglandScotlandTwickenhamBuy Tickets
23/02/20251500ItalyFranceStadio OlimpicoBuy Tickets

Round 4 Six Nations Fixtures 2025

08/03/20251415IrelandFranceAviva StadiumNo Tickets
08/03/20251645ScotlandWalesMurrayfieldBuy Tickets
09/03/20251500EnglandItalyTwickenhamBuy Tickets

Round 5 Six Nations Fixtures 2025

15/03/20251415ItalyIrelandStadio OlimpicoBuy Tickets
15/03/20251645WalesEnglandPrincipality StadiumBuy Tickets
15/03/20252000FranceScotlandStade de FranceNo Tickets