Guinness Six Nations Fixtures 2020

guinness six nations fixtures

The Guinness Six Nations fixtures 2020 are made up of 15 games across 5 rounds. The tournament kicks off in Wales where the Welsh side will take on Italy on February 1st, 2020. This will be the 21st iteration of the Six Nations round-robin tournament format. Here is a full list of the Guinness Six Nations fixtures for 2020:

Round 1 Six Nations Fixtures

01/02/201415 GMTWalesItalyPrincipality Stadium, Wales
01/02/201645 GMTIrelandScotlandAviva Stadium, Ireland
02/02/201600 CETFranceEnglandStade de France, France

Round 2 Six Nations Fixtures

08/02/201415 GMT
IrelandWalesAviva Stadium, Ireland
08/02/201645 GMTScotlandEnglandMurrayfield, Scotland
09/02/201600 CETFranceItalyStade de France, France

Round 3 Six Nations Fixtures

22/02/201515 CETItalyScotlandStadio Olimpico, Italy
22/02/201645 GMTWalesFrancePrincipality Stadium, Wales
23/02/201500 GMT
EnglandIrelandTwickenham, England

Round 4 Six Nations Fixtures

07/03/201415 GMTIrelandItalyAviva Stadium, Ireland
07/03/201645 GMTEnglandWalesTwickenham, England
08/03/201500 GMTScotlandFranceMurrayfield, Scotland

Round 5 Six Nations Fixtures

14/03/201415 GMTWalesScotlandPrincipality Stadium, Wales
14/03/201745 CETItalyEnglandStadio Olimpico Stadium, Italy
14/03/202100 CETFrance
IrelandStade de France, France

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